Seriously… should I care about the new CFPB regulations?

Short Answer: Yes Better Question: How will it affect mortgage loans moving forward? On January 10th, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) "Ability to Repay Rule" went into effect.  [...]

Upcoming Events

Happy New Year!  2014 is getting off to a fast start and I have a lot of free webinars that I will be hosting over the next few weeks.  [...]

VA Homebuyer Seminar

                                                      Buying a home can seem like a daunting task, particularly for Veterans and Military Families looking to navigate the VA loan process.  That's why I created the [...]

Learn how you can get over $25k in Down Payment Assistance in Frederick County

Did you know that you can get over $25,000 in assistance as a first-time homebuyer in Frederick County? My next seminar will highlight these programs available through the State [...]

What is Included in my Monthly Mortgage Payment?

A typical monthly mortgage payment includes different components.  Some people are unaware of what these components are (or why they are included).  The total mortgage payment is sometimes called [...]

What Are Mortgage Closing Costs?

You're ready to buy your house and you've saved enough for a down payment.  However, there are key players in a home purchase transaction that perform duties that require [...]

Rates are Climbing, The Sky is Falling! (And More Hyperbole)

Rates have ticked up about .375% on average in the last week or so, with much reaction from within the mortgage & real estate industries, as well as prospective [...]

HomePath Program

With low interest rates and home values, many people have viewed now as a great time to buy an investment or rental property.  However, for those who have become [...]

MD Market Watch: Home Values (and Demand) Rising

If you've talked with a Realtor over the last couple of months, you surely would have heard the phrase "low inventory".  With an increase of buyers (particularly first-time home [...]

5 Things to Know When Getting a Mortgage

Whether you're refinancing or purchasing a home these days, many people are surprised at how much things have changed since the early 2000's.  Some may be minor nuisances, and [...]