Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments: Are they a good idea?

We've all heard the conventional wisdom - by paying your mortgage bi-weekly you will save interest on your mortgage and pay it off sooner.   This article does not dispute that [...]

The “No Closing Cost” Refinance Explained

A question I receive frequently are about advertisements my clients see claiming to offer a no closing cost refinance.  How can lenders offer this? And are these type of [...]

Diamond Advantage Program

After the housing bubble, many mortgage insurance companies increased the minimum down payment for a Conventional loan.  However, as of October 2012 Mlend is pleased to announce that through [...]

What Is Mortgage Insurance

You may have heard of Mortgage Insurance, but you might not understand why it’s necessary.   Let’s explore what it is, its purpose, and who it protects. Different Names, Different [...]

Significant FHA Changes on The Way

FHA released a mortgagee letter January 31, 2013 which outlined significant changes to how much an FHA loan will cost homeowner's significantly in increased premiums.  Read the full press [...]

How To Buy A Home With A Low Down Payment

One of the biggest concerns of any potential homeowner is how much down payment will be required to purchase their home.  Depending upon your eligibility, there are many options [...]

Mortgage Vocabulary for Beginners

One barrier and source of apprehension for home buyers is the lack of familiarity with mortgage terms.  After all, most people don't buy homes every week and it's understandable [...]